Welcome to Platon Karataev!!

We are delighted to share that from now on, Doomstar will take care of European (excl. Hungary) and UK bookings for the Hungarian indie folk-psych collective Platon Karataev !!

For booking inquiries, please get in touch with zoltan@doomstarbookings.com.

Platon Karataev, named after a Leo Tolstoy character, was formed in 2016. With their music, the Hungarian indie quartet wanders around the core of existence, seeking answers through paradoxes, contemplating questions by observing elements on an atomic level or viewing them from an astronomical perspective.

After For Her’s (2017) instant success, the band gradually moved from their acoustic sound to a broader one. Atoms (2020), with heavier instrumentation, focus on speaking about the most universal but personal level, with catharsis being a vital element of the album. The upcoming 3rd LP, titled ‘Partért kiáltó’ will continue diving into the collective subconscious, and see the band, for the first time in their history release an LP entirely in their native language.