Welcome to Spectral Wound!!

We are pleased to welcome our newest roster addition; highly acclaimed Canadian black metal collective Spectral Wound! For European booking inquires, please get in touch with alexander@doomstarbookings.com

Spectral Wound play black metal, unadulterated and unadorned. Against the grain of both atmospheric and militaristic strands of the genre, Spectral Wound carves a space beyond the fetish of nature or the puerile romance of power. Without God, without Satan, without Odin, without nation, without transcendence, without essence. Spectral Wound channels the horrors of the flesh and the violence of the spirit, deformed under the weight of history, poised on the brink of a whirling void.

Listen to Spectral Wound here: http://bit.do/Spectral-Wound-BC or http://bit.do/Spectral-Wound-SP